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Adjeem URL Feature Ad is a great way to direct people to additional information about your item, business, or service you are offering. Adjeem give you option to places a clickable link (URL/hyperlink) in the seller profile section on the right side of your ad.

Adjeem website url

Another options include a clickable link to your website:

1    On your admin dashboard scroll down to the Media section of the post ad or edit ad window.

2    Click the link/URL to your website checkbox.

3    Enter your URL (your website link) in the field below the checkbox and make sure to type in the full link (http://www.yourwebiste.com).

4    If you’re planning to posting a new ad, click Post Ad and if you’re editing an ad, click Save Changes then.

5    Once you save or post your ad, you will be taken to the payment screen next. Enter your billing information and proceed with the payment to publish your ad.

Once your payment has been completed and your ad has been verified and finally approved, your URL link feature will appear on your ad.


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