I Posted My Ad Incorrectly

Don’t worry ! Almost any part of your ad can be edited with only a few clicks. To learn how to edit your ad, click here. What Can’t Be Edited There are 4 parts of an ad that cannot be edited once it has been posted on the site. Here’s how to deal with each […]

Where is My Ad?

For some reason might be possible and you can’t find your ads, don’t worry! Read the appropriate section below for help to finding your ad. Your Ad is Active, but Not Searchable If your posted ad is active but you are unable to find it on the adjeem.com, remember to include your local area as […]

Why Can’t I Post?

If you are facing an issue and unable to submit your ad, you may see the message “Please fix the errors on the page.” This happened when there is an issue with the information entered into one or more of the fields. For fixing scroll down to see which sections are highlighted in red and […]

Unsubscribe from Emails

Notification emails let you know how your ads are faring in the listings at Adjeem.com, or when the best time to apply a feature may be to increase your views. Adjeem sends out different types of emails to help keep you in the loop. Adjeem promotional emails keep you up to date with site changes, […]

I Forgot My Password

Did you forget your password? No worries, we have got you covered. Follow the bellow steps to recover your password: 1.  Click on the Sign In link found on the top right hand of the page on adjeem.com 2 . Click on “Forgot your password?” link and follow the instructions, and you will receive an […]

URL Feature

Adjeem URL Feature Ad is a great way to direct people to additional information about your item, business, or service you are offering. Adjeem give you option to places a clickable link (URL/hyperlink) in the seller profile section on the right side of your ad. Another options include a clickable link to your website: 1    […]

Homepage Gallery Feature

Adjeem Homepage Gallery feature upgrades your ad so that a second copy appears in the Homepage Gallery. This is a Adjeem special section on the Homepage gallery and on a selected category pages where ads are prominently displayed for greatest visibility and you can get more response. Adjeem offers 7,10,15 and 30 days options are […]

Urgent Feature

Want to sell something in a hurry? Adjeem will help and offer you to avail the Urgent feature, it can be used to indicate when you have priced your item for a urgent sale. Ads with the RED Urgent banner stand out from all others because of their different look and help you to target […]