Unable to Add Attachment

At Adjeem.com you would have the option of attaching your resume when replying to ads in the Jobs category.

Attachments must be less than 2MB to be sent through Messages. If you receive an error stating that the file is too large, you will need to reduce the file size before you can send it.

The following types of files may be attached to your reply:

•   .doc (Word Document)

•   .pdf (Adobe Portable Document Format)

•   .rtf (Rich Text Format)

•   .txt (Text)

•   .html (Hypertext Markup Language)

If you try to attach a file that is in an unsupported format, you will get an error saying “We were unable to add your attachment to the email at this time“, which means your file does has unsupported format.

Please re-save your file using one of the supported formats above and try again.


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