Posting Policies

The following activities are prohibited from

•    Posting an item for sale that is not located in the country you are visiting our site.

•    Posting an item for sale that is illegal to own, buy or sell in your area of residence and against the state law.

•    Posting an item for sale that is in the prohibited items and services list.

•    Posting an ad that contains adult, mature or erotic content. Personals are not allowed.

•    Posting duplicate ads in multiple categories.

•    Posting ads using multiple different email addresses or users.

•    Posting an ad that serves no other purpose other than to send traffic to a web site.

•    Posting an ad that violates Adjeem’s Jobs Code of Conduct.

•    Posting an ad containing a list of keywords not directly related to the item being sold.

•    Posting an ad that defames anyone or contains “hate speech”.

•    Posting opinions, notices, and discussion topics which should instead be posted on social media sites.

•    Posting an ad in an incorrect or misleading category or with misleading information.

•    Posting an ad that violates Adjeem’s Pet Posting Policies.

•    Posting an ad that violates Adjeem’s Equality in Housing Policies.

•    Posting as a Private Seller, Owner, or Individual when you are a Business, Dealer or Professional.

Important note:

•    Any ads that do not follow with Adjeem policies may be removed from the site. Additionally, users who violate such policies or terms & conditions may be blocked from using Adjeem in the future.

•    We may, at any time, remove an ad if we believe it interferes with the well-being of the community or the spirit of Adjeem.

Our (Adjeem) general rule is that you may not list, buy or sell items or services that are illegal to own, buy or sell in your province of residence, or that are not bought or sold in compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

You are responsible for ensuring compliance with all applicable laws relating to the item you list, buy or sell.


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