Requirements for Pre-Sale Items

If you are looking to post an ad offering a pre-sale item that is yet to be in your possession, If so, there are specific details that you should be included within the content of your ad: •    In the description and/or title of your ad, you must explicitly state that the item is pre-ordered […]

Linking to a Website

Adjeem does offer one of its features where you may include a link to your website if you would like to: •    Link to additional product information and/or your website. •    Link to a page with more pictures. •    Link to a page with an alternate contact method. Important note. Your ad must advertise a […]

Ticket Policies*

Over the years, a few key factors changed within the Tickets category, that presented new challenges to both buyers and sellers. Due to this, the decision was made to close the Tickets category. As of July 29th, 2019, no new ads were able to be posted in Tickets. As of September 29th, remaining ads in […]

Posting Duplicate Ads

Do you want quick results when posting your ad on Adjeem?We also want that for you! In order to make this happen, here are our few recommendations. •    Do not post duplicate ads in one or multiple categories as they are a source of frustration for our user community. If you are unsure of which […]

Posting Policies

The following activities are prohibited from •    Posting an item for sale that is not located in the country you are visiting our site. •    Posting an item for sale that is illegal to own, buy or sell in your area of residence and against the state law. •    Posting an item for sale […]

Accessible Customer Service Policy and Plan: Providing Services to People with Disabilities

1. Our Mission​ eBay Canada Ltd.’s mission, along with Kijiji Canada Ltd. (“eBay Canada”), is to be the world’s favourite destination for discovering great value and unique selection. At eBay Canada Ltd., we give sellers the platform, solutions, and support they need to grow their businesses and thrive. Kijiji Canada Ltd. is Canada’s largest classifieds […]

Multi-Year Accessibility Plan: Policies and Practices

This 2017-2021 accessibility plan outlines the policies and actions that eBay Canada Ltd. and Kijiji Canada Ltd. (collectively referred to as “eBay Canada”) will put in place to improve opportunities for people with disabilities. Statement of Commitment eBay Canada is committed to treating all people in a way that allows them to maintain their dignity and independence. […]

User Review Policies

You may be asked to post a review on a completed transaction with another user on Adjeem. These reviews consist of a 1-5-star rating and selected reasons why you have chosen that review. When submitting a review, your review, user name, profile photo (if available), and the category of the seller’s listing will be made […]

Adjeem Age Restrictions

Kijiji cares about the safety of your entire family. We understand that in the age of technology, kids are on the internet more than ever and free online classifieds can be a fun way for them to find toys, video games, clothes, and other cool items. While we pride ourselves on being a site that […]

Ad Reply Code of Conduct

While Kijiji does not actively monitor replies sent within our system between users, we reserve the right to delete or ban those who we deem to be using replies inappropriately. When contacting other users: Please treat them with courtesy and respect. Please do not reply to ads with unsolicited opinions, comments, or judgements on the […]