Avoiding SMS / text scams

Your security is a key priority at Adjeem! We act on tips from our user community in an attempt to ensure that only legitimate activity is taking place. This is driving fraudsters to be ever more creative and to find new ways to connect with Adjeem users, such as via their mobile phone number. They’ll try tricking you by sending fake SMS messages via the internet asking to be contacted via email.  They do this because they wish to stay off our radar which they can’t do if they reply through the usual channel; our reply email system. 

Text messages will look and sound similar to this example:

“Am Interested in item, Please email me back at myname@gmail.com as I am at work”

Be cautious of contact email addresses that contain gibberish or a lot of numbers.  The text itself may also have strange punctuation and spelling.

You should care :

 If you are annoyed by such messages, we suggest that you remove your phone number from your ad. We know that listing your phone number helps transactions move along more quickly, but at this time we have no way of preventing this type of message, so it is your safest bet.  

We also recommend that you report these messages to your mobile carrier by sending a text message to your service provider. Your message must include details of the spam message as well as the phone number of the individual who sent you the message. 

Also, remember Adjeem always encourages anyone using the site to meet in person. Once the item has been thoroughly inspected, you can pay in cash, or as a safe alternative to carrying cash, consider choosing your preferred third-party cashless payment method. Never mail a cheque or wire money to sellers. It’s best to avoid them entirely and keep things local!

If you have any questions or need clarification, simply contact us and we can help with any questions you might have.


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