Why Can’t I Use HTML tags in My Ads?

At this time, Adjeem does not allow HTML coding in ads, except those ads who are having paid features. Formatting options are also no longer available when posting. Unfortunately, these options can negatively affect the site experience for Adjeem users, so we have decided to disable them.

Why Was My Ad Removed?

If your ad was removed from Adjeem then most likely, it did not abide by our policies or may be your contents are having violence. You should receive an email with more information regarding the removal, issue and solutions. Please take a moment to review Adjeem’s Posting Policies. Furthermore, If you feel that the removal […]

My Ad’s Location is Wrong

Adjeem’s location search works by sorting ads into a grid around major city centres. While posting your ad when you enter your address or postal code, it detects where you are in the grid, and posts your ad under searches for that area. This means that if you live in an area with a smaller […]

I Posted My Ad Incorrectly

Don’t worry ! Almost any part of your ad can be edited with only a few clicks. To learn how to edit your ad, click here. What Can’t Be Edited There are 4 parts of an ad that cannot be edited once it has been posted on the site. Here’s how to deal with each […]

Where is My Ad?

For some reason might be possible and you can’t find your ads, don’t worry! Read the appropriate section below for help to finding your ad. Your Ad is Active, but Not Searchable If your posted ad is active but you are unable to find it on the adjeem.com, remember to include your local area as […]

Why Can’t I Post?

If you are facing an issue and unable to submit your ad, you may see the message “Please fix the errors on the page.” This happened when there is an issue with the information entered into one or more of the fields. For fixing scroll down to see which sections are highlighted in red and […]