My Ad’s Location is Wrong

Adjeem’s location search works by sorting ads into a grid around major city centres. While posting your ad when you enter your address or postal code, it detects where you are in the grid, and posts your ad under searches for that area. This means that if you live in an area with a smaller population, your ad will appear in searches for the nearest region or city.

However, If you would like to change the location of your ad then this must be done before posting.

Follow the instructions below for the category you would like to post within.

To change your ad’s location in Buy & Sell, Cars & Vehicles, Pets or Community:

1     Enter your address or postal code in the Location field.

2     Select one of the best suggested addresses from the drop-down menu of locations.

3     Click on the box below “Your Ad Will be Posted In” to select from nearby areas.

4    If you have used an area other than your own, remember to list your actual area in the body of the ad so buyers know where they need to travel for them to reach your place.

To change your ad’s location in Real Estate, Jobs, Services or Vacation Rentals:

1    Before creating your ad, change the location in the search bar to the area you want to post within, and hit the search button.

2    After selecting your location you should Click Post Ad and fill in your title and category.

3    Under the Ad Details section, click on the Location drop-down menu and select your area.

4    In the Address field section, enter the address you would like those viewing your ad to see.

If Your Ad has already been Posted

Once your ad is posted, the location is set and cannot be edited. If you have already posted your ad and you would prefer it be placed in a different region, you will need to delete and repost your ad.

If the map is wrong

The map shown on the Ad Details page is determined by the information entered into the Location field when you post your ad. If the map address shown on your ad’s page is incorrect but you entered the correct postal code, edit your ad and include more specific information such as your street address.


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