Why am I not Receiving Replies?

When someone sends you a message on Adjeem message box, you will receive two copies of the message. The first message will be sent directly to your registered account. The second will be sent to the My Messages section of your Adjeem account.

I’m Not Receiving Messages in My Messages

Any message that is sent to your email will be automatically connected to your account. If it’s not, you are likely in the wrong account. Sign out of your Adjeem account and sign back in using the email that received the message.

I’m Not Receiving Messages to My Email

If you’re not receiving messages to your email, it might have two reasons. First, check which account you are signed into Adjeem with and ensure that it’s the same email. You can check this in your Adjeem account by selecting Account Settings. The email that appears in the Account Summary will be the email that receives your messages.

If it’s the same email address

Your messages are likely caught in your junk or spam filters.

I’m Not Receiving Messages to My Email or in My Messages

If you are not receiving messages in your email or your My Messages section, it’s most likely that you haven’t received a reply yet. If you are unsure, you can always ask a friend to send you a test message.

If you are still having trouble after following the steps above, please contact Adjeem customer service team so we can investigate further.


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