User Review Policies

You may be asked to post a review on a completed transaction with another user on Adjeem. These reviews consist of a 1-5-star rating and selected reasons why you have chosen that review. When submitting a review, your review, user name, profile photo (if available), and the category of the seller’s listing will be made public which helps others to know about the user.

User reviews should be left in good faith that both you and the other user are depicting your interaction fairly. When leaving a review on another user’s account, the review should have:

•    be truthful to what happened between you and the other user to whom you are leaving your review.

•    not be left in an attempt to harass or abuse another user

•    not be in left in an attempt to manipulate or mislead other users

We reserve the right to remove reviews which violate our policies, terms & conditions or guidelines.

At Adjeem, to ensure the integrity of the review system, users are not able to edit or remove reviews on their own profile or someone else’s. Adjeem will also not mediate review-related disputes. User reviews reflect the opinions of individual Adjeem users and do not reflect the opinion of Adjeem as of our policy.

Important Note:
Leaving reviews is currently only available for non-business users in the Buy & Sell category. When messaging users about ads in other categories, you will be able to see their reviews (if they have any), but you will not be able to leave a review.

Updated on April, 2021. All reviews left prior to the updated policy will remain live on the site and will be unaffected by the changes.


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