Urgent Feature

Want to sell something in a hurry? Adjeem will help and offer you to avail the Urgent feature, it can be used to indicate when you have priced your item for a urgent sale. Ads with the RED Urgent banner stand out from all others because of their different look and help you to target the viewers.

At Adjeem buyers do have an option and they can filter for Urgent ads by selecting the Urgent Ads only link found on the left hand side of category and search pages. Adjeem allows buyers to find sellers who want to sell their item urgently, and who may be willing to accept a lower than usual asking price if they agree it.

Important Note:

•           Adjeem this feature will display as Urgent ad in the Buy & Sell, Real Estate, Jobs, Vehicle Parts, Accessories, and some selected  categories.

•           Adjeem Highlight feature is available for purchase in all other categories for increased visibility of your ad.

•           The feature does not change the position of your Urgent ad in the general listings.

•           Ads marked Urgent  will include the red banner for a period of your selected time after the date of purchase.


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