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When you purchase the Top Ad feature of, your ad will be placed not only in the regular listings, but a second copy of your ad will also be placed in the Top Ad section, which easily can be found at the top of a category listings page. Because your ad displayed in two separate locations, it has much better exposure.

Adjeem Top Ad Feature section will display up to 5 Top Ads at a time. However, if there are more than 5 purchased in that category, they will then rotate evenly each time the page is loaded in order to ensure equal visibility for all Top Ads. As for your Top Ad which appears in the regular section of the category, it will not change position in the listings unless you choose to purchase a Bump Up Ad Feature.

To be clear, your Adjeem featured Ad will rotate among the other Top Ads in the Top Ad section, while your second ad in the regular section will continue down the listings as usual.

Top Ad Feature, infect because of their prominent position within the category, more users read and reply to these ads! Simply put, buying a Top Ad Feature is the best way to help sell your item and suitable to promote your business!

You have the option of purchasing a Top Ad Feature for 3, 10, 15 or 30 days, depending on the category you choose. Top Ad Feature option is available when you post or edit your ad, in a drop-down box shown in the features table.

Note: You can see all Top Ads Feature for a category by clicking the See all link that appears in the Top Ads section.


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