Services Code of Conduct

All services advertised in Adjeem classified ads and in reply to other ads must adhere to our services rules/terms & conditions, as well as our regular posting policies. Furthermore, the following types of services are completely prohibited from being advertised on our site:

•    Adult, erotic or sexual services of any kind including but not limited to;
bachelor parties
adult cleaning
lawn care
escort and prostitution

•    Massage service ads posted by anyone who is not a Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) and who is unable to provide insurance receipts for customers.

•    Massage service ads with full body photographs (photographs are to be limited to head shots or photographs of the facility).

•    Surrogate/ adoption/ donor services.

•    Model or photography service ads which do not offer a professional website or portfolio.

•    Financial lending service ads which do not offer company information such as
business name
address and phone number

In addition, please keep in mind that;

•    Users offering a variety of Skilled Trade services must make every effort to bundle all related or overly similar services together in one ad. If each service is very distinctive
– such as carpentry versus plumbing
– then individual ads are certainly acceptable

•    Replies to services ads for personal reasons or for solicitation of any sexual or otherwise inappropriate purposes are strictly prohibited and may result in a loss of ability to utilize Adjeem and we do have the rights to completely block user’s account if the user not following the T&C of the Adjeem.


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