So you’ve found that perfect something on Kijiji? Here’s how to get it!

Messaging an ad

1Open the ad you’re interested in.
2Select one of our quick-message options or type in a unique message in the Write custom message box.
3If you’d like a copy of your message emailed to you, click Send me a copy of email.
4When you’re finished, click Send message.

You should now see a “Your message has been sent!” note appear. To see all your open conversations, click on the My Messages button (it looks like a chat bubble).

Receiving and Responding to Replies

When someone replies to you, you’ll get a notification in your email as well as in your My Messages section. If you have the Kijiji app, you can also receive a notification on your mobile device.

To respond:

1Click the Reply button in the message email or go to Kijiji directly and click the My Messages button (it looks like a chat bubble).
2If you’ve come from your email, you’ll already be in the conversation you need. If you came from the main Kijiji page, click on the conversation you want to open. You should see the entire history of your messages back and forth. To see more, scroll up.
3Write your message in the Type a message box.
4When you’re finished, click the send button (it looks like a paper airplane).


Deleting Conversations

1Click the My Messages button (it looks like a chat bubble).
2Hover your curser over the conversation you want to remove and click the Delete button that appears. If you want to delete more than one conversation at a time, you can click the checkbox next to the conversation you want to remove and then click Delete.
3A confirmation box will appear. Click Delete to confirm.

After removing a conversation, it won’t be visible in your inbox anymore. If you still have the email copy, you can reply from that email and the conversation history will reappear in your inbox after a new message was sent. After 60 days from the day the conversation started, the conversation will be removed permanently and will no longer be recoverable.