Prohibited Content

The list of below detailed contents strictly not allowed to posted on Adjeem:

•    Adult

     – Including pornography, nude photos, videos, articles, or erotic products

     – Including prostitution, escort, or accompanying services

•    Alcohol

    – Including the delivery of alcohol and related beverages

    – Note: Selling empty bottles, labels, or caps as collectibles is permitted.

    – Note: Recruitment of personnel such as bartender, front desk, or salesman is permitted in the Jobs category.

•    Blood, Bodily Fluids, and Body Parts

     – Including organs

     – Including surrogacy, fertility, and donor requests (including sperm)

•    Burglary Tools

•    Cannabis and Cannabis-based Products

     – Including extracts, edibles, and oils

     – Including hookahs, pipes, bongs, and vaporizers

     – Cannabis promotional items/memorabilia

     – Click here for more details on our cannabis product policies

•    Child Adoption services (seeking and offering)

•    Combustible Items (including flares)

     – Note: Emergency and distress flares are permitted only if they are designed and intended for   signalling purposes.

     – Note: No offers of shipping.

•    Counterfeit Items and Distribution of Copyrighted Material

     – Including currency, stamps, and coins

     – Including e-books

•    Digital Items or Accounts

     – Including gaming accounts, accounts with multiple device allowances, and digital copies of movies, books, or software

     – Click here for more details on our digital items and accounts policy

•    Embargoed Goods

•    Event Tickets

     – Note: Certain community events tickets are permitted.

•    Government Issued IDs, Badges, Uniforms and Licenses

     – Including transit, military, police, postal, etc.

•    Hazardous Materials

     – Including chemicals, restricted, suspended or cancelled pest control products, and fireworks

•    High-Powered Laser Pointers

•    Identity Documents, Personal Financial Records, and Personal Information

     – In any form, including mailing lists

•    Illegal Drugs and Drug Paraphernalia (or any mention of related items or activities)

     – Including narcotics, steroids, etc.

•    Illegal Items and Services

     – Including any device that is primarily useful for the covert interception of private communications

     – Including listings or products that promote the use of photographic devices to covertly view or record individuals for sexual purposes

•    Illegal or Unauthorized Wildlife Products

     – Including bear traps (regardless of size)

     – Moss ball products

•    Ivory or Bone

     – Including fossilized mammoth tusks

     – Note: Antiques that contain 5% or less of real ivory and were made before the year 1900, specifically musical instruments and furniture, are permitted. The year the item was manufactured as well as an image must be included in the ad.

     – Note: Bone, including fossilized teeth or bone, from non-ivory producing animals is permitted. The species must be indicated in the ad.

•    Knives

     – Note: Collectable knives and swords (unsharpened, fantasy/antique) and kitchen utensils and cutlery are permitted.

•    Lottery Tickets, Sweepstakes Entries, and Coin Operated Slot Machines

•    Massage Services

     – Ad images are to be limited to head shots or photographs of the facility (no full body images)

     – Note: Ads posted by a Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) who is able to provide insurance receipts for customers is permitted.

     – Note: Massage as part of an aesthetics package by a registered Aesthetician, but not offered on its own, is permitted.

•    Offensive and Obscene Material

     – Including Nazi related artifacts and collectibles

     – Note: This excludes stamps, letters, and envelopes with the Nazi symbol, currency issued by the Nazi government, military scripts, and historically accurate WWII military model kits that have Nazi symbols.

•    Prescription Drugs and Devices

     – Note: Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP), Bilevel Positive Airway Pressure (BiPAP) devices, and Variable Positive Airway Pressure (VPAP) devices and accessories require a prescription and are therefore not permitted. Over the counter (OTC) versions of these devices and accessories are permitted.

•    Products That Are Unauthorized by Health of the country you are logging in.

•    Radio Equipment or Other Devices That Violate the Radio communication Act

•    Recalled Items

•    Restricted Food Products

     – Including, but not limited to:

     – Unpasteurized dairy products

     – Fruit or vegetable juice that hasn’t been heat pasteurized

     – Wild mushrooms

     – Ackee fruit (including seeds)

     – Expired food items and baby formula

     – Food items or baby formula that has been opened or tampered with

     – Meals Ready to Eat (MREs) that have been expired for more than 3 years

     – Government assistance benefits including, but not limited to:

     – Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC)

     – Supplemental foods such as infant formula and baby food

     – Cash-value vouchers

     – Food instruments such as vouchers, checks, electronic benefit transfer (EBT) cards, and coupons

     – Note: Perishable items are permitted; however, the sale of food items is highly regulated by the federal and provincial government. When you list any food products, you’re certifying that the item may be sold and complies with all health, safety, and labelling requirements.

•    Stocks and Other Securities

     – Including cryptocurrencies

     – Including binary options

•    Stolen Property

•    Tobacco and Other Nicotine Products

     – Including e-cigarettes, e-juice, herbal blends, etc.

     – Including hookahs, pipes, bongs, and vaporizers

     – Tobacco promotional items/memorabilia for tobacco

     – Click here for more details on our tobacco product policies

•    Used Cosmetics

•    Weapons (or any mention of related items, services or activities)

     – Including, but not limited to:

     – Firearms

     – Firearm parts and magazines

     – Ammunition

     – BB and pellet guns

     – Replica weapons

    – Tear gas

     – Stun guns

     – Crossbows

     – Martial arts weapons

     – Including Airsoft guns, parts, and ammunition

     – Note: Archery, paintball equipment and firearm scopes are permitted.


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