One of the many benefits of having a Performance Listings account is being able to add logos to your listings and Merchant Store page free of charge. Not only is this an excellent way to advertise your business, it also helps increase your ad’s visibility when potential buyers are browsing the site.

To upload your logos:

1Sign into your Kijiji account and click the Navigation Menu button (appears as a person icon). If you are already in the Admarkt section of your account, you can click on My Account instead.
2Click Account Settings. If you’re coming directly from Admarkt, it may say My Profile instead.
3Scroll down the Edit Profile page to the Company Logos section. Click Upload Image.
4Select an image from your computer and click Open.
5It will take a moment for your photo to upload to Kijiji. When it’s finished, it will say Uploaded. If you want to change or remove an image, click Remove.
6When you’re happy with your logos, scroll to the bottom of the page. Enter your Kijiji password in the confirm password field, then click Save Changes.

Your logo will be displayed on 3 different pages:

Logo as it appears on your Merchant Store Page
Logo as it appears on the search results page
Logo as it appears on your Ad Detail page