I Can’t See My Ad in the Top Ads Section

If you find that you are unable to view your Top Ad please note the following:

•   Adjeem Top Ads only shows a maximum of 5 ads at any given time. Every time when a user visits or refreshes the page, the Top Ads will rotate 5 new ads within the Top Ads featured section.

•   You can see all Top Ads for a category by clicking the See All link that appears just right corner above the Top Ads section. Selecting See All will display Top Ads in the order in which they were posted (with the most recent addition at the top).

•   After clicking See All, If the number of Top Ad results is too high to fit on one page, you may have to navigate to subsequent pages which can be done at the bottom of the search results page. Adjeem rotation system is set up to ensure that all Top Ads are exposed equally to as many Adjeem users as possible.


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