How to sell on Adjeem-Quick tips and tricks

Adjeem’s Good Finds might be just what you’ve been looking for. Your customer, on the other hand! Our top recommendations can help you get their attention.

Collect and check your personal items

Choose your things and give them a once-over to make sure they’re in excellent working order. Gather any spares, such as power cables, instruction manuals, or other equipment, in one place. A simple wipe, dust, or a fast wash and iron (following the fabric care instructions) may really help them look their best.

Create images that are visually appealing.

If at all feasible, choose a straightforward backdrop, such as a plain wall or a free piece of carpet. It’s important to take images that are clear, in focus, and not too far away from the subject. Take images from a variety of various perspectives and add some close-up shots as well — this will guarantee that consumers know precisely what they’re receiving before they make a purchase. You have the option of uploading up to 08 images, so the more the merrier. In addition, although an upside-down photograph may grab some attention, let’s make certain that it is the appropriate sort of attention!

Top tip: It’s a good idea to take pictures during the day with natural light coming from the front to make them look bright and clear.

With a catchy headline, you’ll get your viewer’s attention.

The most relevant category for your item should be chosen first, so that consumers can locate it simply, and then carefully consider the title of your item. Make every effort to be as detailed as possible, and utilize phrases that the consumer could use while looking for a comparable product. And keep an eye out for mistakes – although they may amuse you, you don’t want to offend your potential customer by using them. If your item comes with a brand, manufacture, or model number, please sure to provide it as well.

Top tips: Use as many descriptive words as you can. This is the best way to make your writing more interesting.

Try to focus on the description

While your title will draw the buyer’s attention, a well-written description will sell your item for you. Make an attempt to provide as much detail as possible, such as if the item functions well and whether there are any evident faults. For categories such as homeware and furniture, it is critical to provide dimensions so that purchasers can see the item in their own home.

Include as much of the following information as possible:

  • Manufacturer’s name, brand, style, and/or model number
  • Colour
  • Age
  • Usage
  • Size or measurements

Top tip: detailing how the consumer could use or display the item can help bring your description to life.

Choose a reasonable price

In the scenario that you are unsure about how to price your items, it is highly recommended that you have a look at current Adjeem listings to see how other people have priced comparable products. You should consider the item’s age and condition – and keep in mind that you may always lower your price later if the item doesn’t sell right away.

Be adaptable

You have the option of having possible purchasers contact you by email, phone, or both. Respond to texts or phone calls as soon as possible, and offer to supply more photographs or information if feasible.

Selling your product

You should set up a suitable time and day for the buyer to inspect the items. Give them some freedom and let them examine the object at their ease. Don’t be afraid to bargain, but keep in mind that everyone appreciates a good deal – especially if the buyer is bargaining. Before you publish your ads, see Adjeem’s community guidelines.

You now know how to sell on Adjeem and can fly through the selling procedure, make your listing, and sit back and watch as possible buyer’s approach.


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