How do I report a reply?

If another member on Adjeem is being rude or otherwise inappropriate, you can block them from sending you any further messages. Blocking will prevent them from replying to any of your messages or ads. Similarly, you will not be able to reply to their ads or messages.

To block a member:

1    Open My Messages.

2    Click on the conversation with the member you want to block.

3    Click Block under their name.

The good options on Adjeem is, once you have blocked any block, you will be able to unblock them using the same button until the conversation is deleted or expires. If the messages are gone, then the block is permanent.

Suspicious Messages

Should you receive a suspicious reply that appears to be fraudulent, please report the sender’s email address and any other related information to our customer service team for taking quick action.

If you accidentally report a reply, don’t worry; action will not be taken unless the reply goes against our policies.


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