Now, you can find out what the value of your car is worth to a dealer, right on Kijiji! Our new service lets you arm yourself with an estimate of your vehicle’s value for an efficient and hassle free trade-in on your old car. With Kijiji, you can instantly discover your estimated trade-in value, for free! The estimate you receive is based on trusted, independent data, and is refined based on the value of similar vehicles nearby, to increase your estimate’s accuracy. Since vehicle values differ from one location to the next, the estimate you receive will be accurate for your location. It may even lead to a potential offer from the dealer to purchase your vehicle!

How does it work?

On your preferred dealer’s ad on Kijiji, you can discover the estimated value of your vehicle:

  1. There’s an option to enter the year, make, model and trim of your vehicle right below the ad’s specs
  2. Enter your name, phone number and email address
  3. Simply click See Trade-In Value to obtain your estimate!
  4. Further, you also have the option to add your vehicle’s mileage to increase the estimate’s accuracy

The value provided in your market report is based on Canadian Black Book data, a long-time trusted source for buyers and sellers alike, in partnership with Tradesii, a neutral third party.

Having the best data possible shows you how a dealer would most likely appraise your particular vehicle, empowers you with the same knowledge to trade your vehicle in on a level playing field with a dealer, and helps you better understand the market.


What are the benefits for Dealers?

By obtaining stronger, more qualified lead information, dealers’ can access and act on the consumer’s strong intent to trade-in their vehicle. Furthermore, with the consumer being well informed, the resulting negotiation will be more realistic right from the start, making for efficient business.

If you’re interested in adding the Tradesii product to your Cars & Vehicles listings, click here to get started.

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