Safely purchasing used technology

When you are buying online, you should know that it’s important to know what you are looking for, how it should work, and what’s a fair price. Here are a few tips for help you to keep in mind that will make buying a cell phone, laptop or tablet a positive experience when you are […]

Safely purchasing firewood online

Need to stock up on firewood, but not sure how to purchase safely? Our friends at Measurement Canada have some tips!    Adhering to the following precautions when purchasing firewood will help ensure that you get what you pay for.    When ordering firewood:  Ask for it to be delivered stacked in the truck so […]

Cheques as a form of payment

Another cheating way is, fraud attempts are currently underway using fake cheques. These scams follow this pattern: •    The fraudster contacts the seller and offers to pay for the item through a cheque sent by mail. The amount is usually higher than the original asking price. •    The fraudster asks the seller to send the […]

Paying Safely

There are many options to transfer money, both online and in person. Let’s take a look at the benefits of each. Deposits Requesting or offering deposits for items on the site is not recommended. However, some sellers do request one. Never pay a deposit on a vehicle you haven’t seen in person. If you have […]

Safety tips for sellers

Adjeem recommends selling your items by using our website, and dealing in-person only. We never recommend dealing with any users who: •    Contact you about posting your ads on their website. •    Offer to sell your items for you (usually for a fee). •    Offer any kind of consignment service or any other service of […]