How to Promote my Ad

Let’s know how to promote your ad! 1.   Click the Menu button (appears as a person icon, or your profile photo) and select My Ads option. 2.   Choose the ad you’d like to promote and click Promote my Ad. From this section you can read about what each feature offers, review pricing, and select the […]

Accepted Payment Methods

We accept the following payment methods on Adjeem: PayPal VISA MasterCard All payments are securely processed through our trusted payment gateway processor. Transactions use a 128-bit encryption to securely process your transaction and protect your confidential information. Your credit card information is never stored, and never share with anyone. Important Note: At Adjeem we never […]

Cost of Promoting Ads

The cost of promoting your ad depends on the feature, city, country and category. The prices are set so that the feature remains a premium option for those that decide to purchase them. Suppose, if the price for Adjeem’s Top Ad was set too low, there would be too many Top Ads in that section, […]

Benefits of Promoting Ads

Of Corse the ads with Adjeem paid features typically receive more views than ads without? That’s because benefits of promoting ads or paid features offer optimal placement and unique characteristics to help your ad stand out! among the other ads. The reality is more views on your ads can lead to more replies, a faster […]