Why Aren’t Personal Ads Allowed?

Kijiji Canada no longer offers personals categories such as ‘relationships, dating’ and ‘casual encounters’. This decision was based on feedback we’ve received from our community of users, as well as our decision to focus on more popular categories such as cars & vehicles and buy & sell. Please do not attempt to post personals ads […]

Why was My Car Seat Ad Removed?

In accordance with Health Canada’s Canada Consumer Product Safety Act, Kijiji no longer permits the advertisement of car seats which do not comply with the new safety guidelines, and can no longer permit ads for car or booster seats which were manufactured prior to January 1, 2012. All car seats and booster seats that were […]

Tobacco and Related Items

Due to strict government regulations in different countries, we have a policy against the posting of any tobacco products such as loose-leaf tobacco, cigarettes and cigars. After careful consideration, and at the request of our user community to keep the site child-friendly and in compliance with federal and local legislation, we have also adopted policies […]

Cannabis and Related Items

While cannabis is now legal across Canada but still some other countries not allowed, it remains a controlled substance and there are restrictions on the direct or indirect promotion of cannabis or its accessories.As such, Adjeem does not allow the direct sale or trade of cannabis or items containing cannabis on the site. The following […]

Digital Items and Accounts

Adjeem no longer allows the sale or trade of digital items or accounts on its site. There is often an elevated risk of viruses, copyright infringement, and fraud when buying and selling these types of items, that’s the reason at Adjeem we are not allowing our users to sell or buy digital items and accounts. […]

Prohibited Content

The list of below detailed contents strictly not allowed to posted on Adjeem: •    Adult      – Including pornography, nude photos, videos, articles, or erotic products      – Including prostitution, escort, or accompanying services •    Alcohol     – Including the delivery of alcohol and related beverages     – Note: Selling empty bottles, labels, or caps […]