Job Subscription Benefits

With millions of visitors each month, can you afford to not have your listings shown to all those potential employees? Our subscription benefits help deliver qualified candidates faster: Automatic Feeding to Kijiji – If you have a database of over 25 job listings, Kijiji can syndicate listings from your database using a third party service. […]

Job Professional URL Link

Job Professionals who pay to list their ads on Kijiji benefit from a free URL link placed both on their Ad Detail page as well as their Gallery page. This is an example of where your company’s URL link will appear on your ad’s page: To add your web link: 1 Log into your Kijiji […]

Job Professional Tagline

A Job Professional’s tagline is shown every time one of their ads appears in a search result. Here is an example of it’s placement: An effective tagline includes information on why a buyer should work for your company. For example, it may describe additional incentives, perks or your company’s slogan. To setup a tagline: 1 […]

Job Professional Logos

One of the many benefits of having a Job Professional account is being able to add logos to your listings and Gallery page free of charge. Not only is this an excellent way to advertise your business, it also helps increase the visibility of your ads when potential employees are browsing the site. To upload […]

Job Professional Posting Benefits

Kijiji Jobs is the number one job search site in Canada with millions of visitors each month. Posting your jobs on Kijiji will help you get the exposure you need to find qualified candidates. Paid Job Professional listings include several features not found in listings posted by non-professional posters, including: Quicker posting time and staggered […]

Job Professional Listing Fee

As of September 4th 2014, individuals who use Kijiji to post a high volume of job listings are required to pay a fee. This is charged to those who self-identify as a professional company, job agency or recruiter as well as to those who have listed more than 1 ad from their household at a […]

Posting as Professional or Private

If you own or work for any related employment company, we ask that you register your Kijiji account as a Professional Employer. Some examples of related businesses include: Staffing or Recruitment Agencies Employment Services, Job Banks Individuals or businesses posting multiple job opportunities regularly Note: If your household regularly posts job listings, then you fit […]