Additional Policies for Paid Categories

Ads in paid feature’s categories are subject to a few additional policies: •    To properly adhere to our payment programs, each ad may only contain one item, whether it be a passenger vehicle, recreational vehicle, piece of heavy equipment, rental unit, or job posting. Multiple services may be offered in one ad as long as […]

Requirements for Financial Services

If you are looking to post an ad offering loan or financing services. If YES, there are specific details that must be included within the content of your ad. 1. Company information: •    Business name •    Mailing address •    Contact phone number •    Website URL (if applicable) 2. Are you accredited by the Better Business […]

Jobs Code of Conduct

When using Adjeem job portal, please keep in mind that all jobs advertised in classified ads and in reply to other ads must adhere to our job rules, as well as our regular posting terms & conditions and policies. The following types of jobs are prohibited from being advertised on Adjeem: •    Pyramid schemes, or […]

Equality in Housing Policy

Adjeem supports equality in housing and we encourage users of our site to follow appropriate guidelines to comply with the human rights legislation in your country, as well as any applicable local regulations. These laws prohibit denying a person housing, or discriminating in a tenancy agreement, based on the following prohibited grounds: •    Gender and […]

Real Estate Code of Conduct

All posts of related to house, apartment, or condo rentals must be in compliance with the Adjeem Equality in Housing policy. Roommate ads may state preferences, but may not be discriminatory or exclude any individuals or groups from consideration. Security deposits equal to 1 month of rent are allowed in most provinces and territories according […]

Services Code of Conduct

All services advertised in Adjeem classified ads and in reply to other ads must adhere to our services rules/terms & conditions, as well as our regular posting policies. Furthermore, the following types of services are completely prohibited from being advertised on our site: •    Adult, erotic or sexual services of any kind including but not […]