How to Protect Your Business Account

In order to protect the security of your account, it’s important to be able to recognize phishing attempts and spoof sites. Phishing is a term used when fraudulent individuals try to gain access to personal account details in order to commit fraud. Spoofs are websites or emails that attempt to mimic a particular company in […]

Adjeem Retail Solutions – Admarkt Terms and Conditions

1. Performance Listings, managed through the Admarkt ad manager, are provided to you by Kijiji Canada Ltd., 500 King St. W., Suite 200, Toronto, Ontario M5V IL9. Before accessing Admarkt, you (“Seller”) must register at We will assess this application and will provide Seller with an Admarkt account if Seller’s application is approved. Seller may […]

Adjeem Pre-Authorized Credit Card Payments

By opting-in to recurring pre-authorized credit card payments, I authorize Kijiji Canada Ltd. to charge my credit card on the 30th day following the date of each monthly invoice relating to each of my Kijiji product(s)/Insertion Order(s) (so, if I have multiple invoices under my Kijiji account, each invoice will be charged 30-days after the invoice’s […]

CPC & Budgets

When you post a Performance Listing, you’re in complete control over how much you spend, when you spend it, and on which ad. Want to focus your promotion on a single ad? Or maybe you want to promote all ads equally? With Performance Listings, the choice is yours. Cost controls are broken down by CPC, […]

Posting & Managing Performance Listings

Creating ads in Admarkt is just as quick and easy as creating ads on Kijiji. Getting Your Ad Started Login to Admarkt. Click Post Ad. Choose where you want your ad to appear. You can enter a city, province, or select All Regions to have your ad appear across Canada. Tell us what type of […]

Logo on the Merchant Store Page

One of the many benefits of having a Performance Listings account is being able to add logos to your listings and Merchant Store page free of charge. Not only is this an excellent way to advertise your business, it also helps increase your ad’s visibility when potential buyers are browsing the site. To upload your […]

Using the Dashboard

The Admarkt dashboard is a simple tool that allows you to create, pause and delete ads from your inventory. It also allows you to manage your budget on each ad individually or on multiple ads at the same time. Date Settings The Admarkt dashboard defaults to showing you results from the current month. However, you […]

Getting Started with Performance Listings

You call the shots! Target your audience, determine your reach and post your ads without getting lost between regular Kijiji ads. Performance Listings offer simple paid advertising solutions that make it easy for businesses and high-volume sellers to take greater control of their online listings. The categories currently available for posting Performance Listings are: Buy […]

Buy & Sell Listing Fee

To continue Kijiji’s top-quality classifieds experience for buyers and sellers, we have limits to the number of free ads each household or business can post in one category. Whether you’re a small business that needs to showcase your full collection of handmade instruments, or you’re clearing a few more tools out of your garage (so […]