URL Feature

Adjeem URL Feature Ad is a great way to direct people to additional information about your item, business, or service you are offering. Adjeem give you option to places a clickable link (URL/hyperlink) in the seller profile section on the right side of your ad. Another options include a clickable link to your website: 1    […]

Homepage Gallery Feature

Adjeem Homepage Gallery feature upgrades your ad so that a second copy appears in the Homepage Gallery. This is a Adjeem special section on the Homepage gallery and on a selected category pages where ads are prominently displayed for greatest visibility and you can get more response. Adjeem offers 7,10,15 and 30 days options are […]

Urgent Feature

Want to sell something in a hurry? Adjeem will help and offer you to avail the Urgent feature, it can be used to indicate when you have priced your item for a urgent sale. Ads with the RED Urgent banner stand out from all others because of their different look and help you to target […]

Highlight Feature

Let’s we advise you to Stand out from the crowd! The Adjeem Highlight Feature will highlight your ad in coloured in both the search and category listings of Adjeem ads list. This makes your Highlight Feature ad stand out against other ads in the category to help gain more visitors, replies and grows up your […]

Bump Up Feature

Bump Up Feature helps move your ad higher in the search results. If buyers are sorting by newest first, your Bump Up Feature ad will be at the top of their search results until newer ads are posted or Bumped Up. When you purchase a Bump Up Feature, the posting date of your ad is […]

Top Ad Feature

When you purchase the Top Ad feature of Adjeem.com, your ad will be placed not only in the regular listings, but a second copy of your ad will also be placed in the Top Ad section, which easily can be found at the top of a category listings page. Because your ad displayed in two […]