Cannabis and Related Items

While cannabis is now legal across Canada but still some other countries not allowed, it remains a controlled substance and there are restrictions on the direct or indirect promotion of cannabis or its accessories.
As such, Adjeem does not allow the direct sale or trade of cannabis or items containing cannabis on the site.

The following items are prohibited:

•    Cannabis and blends containing cannabis

•    Edibles containing cannabis

•    Cannabis based oils or creams

•    Other items containing THC, CBD or any form of cannabis extract

•    Cannabis seeds

•    Hookahs, bongs, and vaporizers

•    Pipes and rolling papers

•    Promotional items with cannabis logos, such as calendars, hats, and shirts

•    Memorabilia, posters, or similar items (including vintage) for cannabis products

•    Collectible packaging that’s completely empty (no cannabis inside the package).


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