Bump Up Feature

Bump Up Feature helps move your ad higher in the search results. If buyers are sorting by newest first, your Bump Up Feature ad will be at the top of their search results until newer ads are posted or Bumped Up.

When you purchase a Bump Up Feature, the posting date of your ad is reset. A Bump Up Feature ad provides a quick, easy refresh for your ad when replies have started to go stale.

Adjeem bump up

Important :

  • Adjeem Bump Up feature ad will reset the post date of your ad however, Bump Up feature won’t extend the life of your ad unless you have to extend it.
  • Bump Up Feature ad can be purchased in all categories.

Adjeem Recurring Bump Up Ad Feature

Of course, you can always Bump Up your ad manually anytime you choose, Since your Bump Up Ad will get more exposure when it’s higher in the listings of Adjeem ads. It’s only logical to keep it there as often as possible, but if you’d like to post your ad and then forget about it, don’t you worry we can Bump it up automatically every 3 days for you to prevent It from being less visible in the listings.

Let’s know how does it work?

step-1. Sign in to your Adjeem account, then select My Ads, of if you are new user create your account first.

step-2. In the Active tab, go to the ad and choose you wish to Bump Up Feature and click on Get More Views.

step-3. Adjeem menu with all features will unfurl on your screen. You can choose 1, 3, 5 or 10 Bump Ups for that specific ad by clicking on the + symbol to reveal the different Bump Up options. Keep in mind If you choose more than 1, the remaining Bump Ups will be applied to your ad every 3 days or your desired days until they’re all used.

step-4. Once you have made your choice, now click on Check Out button and follow the payment steps to finalise your purchase process.

Important: If you’d like to Bump Up your ad before the 3-day interval is up, you do have an option and can still do that manually by selecting 1 Bump Up, and it won’t affect the others you’ve purchased.


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